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EKODATE is a datingsite on Internet, targeting the alternative community, but all interested persons from 18 year of age are welcome as members! By signing up for membership, you approve to these conditions:

EKODATE is a forum created to make contact and network among people of equal human values, and should be used for this purpose only! We reserve us the right to deny membership or terminate a membership if the activity of a member violate these conditions, or European law. By breaking these conditions your membership will be terminated and your data will be erased without warning , and your remaining fee will not be repaid!

EKODATE are not responsible for the material you or other members present in the profile, or what is written in emails or chat, and all contact with other members are totally your own responsibility!
EKODATE can not be held responsibly for any conflict or problem that could appear in rendezvous with another member, but refer to our guidelines for safe dating, as written in our neticett policy.

By signing up for membership you confirm the acceptance of the following rules:

To use a proper language and show respect towards other members.

To express sexual wishes in closed rooms only, and then only in good manners.
Sexuality is a natural part of a relationships, and it can be alright to express thoughts and preferences about sex and intimacy, but it should not be the main content in a profile! Pornographic content will be erased!

That you in your profile and in the contact with other members show respect for others, independent of ethnic origin, age, physical appearance or sexual preference!

That you don't write your email, website address or your phone number in your profile.

That you guarantee that your profile photo is your own, and recently updated!

To agree, that each person can have one profile only, on EKODATE.

That you use EKODATE for personal reasons only and not for any commercial purpose.
( We hope, in time, to be able to develop a network function for alternative collaboration, and corporation for small alternative firms, but this part will be optional and separated from the communication on the datingsite.)

That you in the communication use one of the languages presented on EKODATE ( for the time being swedish, danish and english), this to be sure that these rules are properly kept!

By signing up for membership you agree to, that respecting the law "personuppgiftslagen" in Sweden, where the company is seated, EKODATE keep a record of your personal data. We guarantee not to use your personal data to any commercial purpose and not to distribute it to any third part!

EKODATE reserve the right to, at any time investigate your material and your correspondence if you are reported for improper activity or in other ways break the conditions, but we guarantee that your data is kept in privacy. Should your activity reveal criminal actions, in conflict with European law though, we reserve us the right to let the authority of law enforcement take part of your material!

You agree by membership to care about the integrity of other members, and are not allowed to copy or link to other members profiles or pictures. You can at any time cancel your membership but have no right to claim repayment of any unused fees.
You can even pause your membership and thus make it invisible for other members. After pausing for 2 years, it will automatically be erased, if not reactivated after an email warning from us.

EKODATE reserve the right to change these conditions as new problems needs clarification. This will be announced on the website and by continuing to use our services, you automatically agree to these changes!

EKODATE use cookies, but only to handle the present session, never to track the user on other sites!

EKODATE is owned by Stiftelsen Skolan for Helhetsterapi in Siljansnäs in Sweden.