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EKODATE is a new alternative dating site that aims deeper than most dating sites on the market. We will develop tools that can help singles to find a partner who is in harmony with more levels of the personality, tools prepared to show the human qualities that people og the future will be searching for in there life companion. we will show you a bigger choice of alternative conditions to search for a person with the same view of life and similar values concerning health and lifestyle - choices more and more important for future man.

We will develop tools and functions to help members quickly find new soulmates for love and friendship for a joyful and meaningful life!
For a start we will introduce the following nw functions:

Sexual Pole Index

Inspired by Martinus teachings about the sexual polar transformation, EKODATE presents the Sexual Pole Index. As formulated in the spiritual teachings in Martinus cosmology, all living beings are moving forth on the same ladder of development through the mineral kingdom-plant kingdom-animal kingdom towards the kingdom of real humanity. On the road from animal to human she is taking part of the sexual polar transformation from the animal state of one-poled male or female to the real human beings identity as a being of real love. In this context man of today is "a wounded fugitive between two kingdoms" as the sphinx - half animal and half human. We are still animals with hormones and in need of the thrill of falling in love, but at the same time a stronger need to experience deeper facets of love and sympathy still new soil in our present level of spiritual development.
Cosmology tells us that many conflicts in relationships are due to the collision of the animal and the human within, and that a deeper self awareness of our polar transformation can help to guide us on our cosmic journey!
For man of modern culture it is the opposite pole - the feminine pole in men and the masculine pole in women - that carry our creative and intellectual capacities and needs. In the future the search of the right partner will be more and more a search for a person with the right polar constellation that fits our own. You could say that it's essentially 4 persons who needs to find each other - both poles must relate to both poles in the other!
As support for this tricky act of balance, we now introduce a SEXSUAL POLAR INDEX to get a higher perspective on this. At the same time we must admit that the tool is not scientifically validated, just being a subjective self estimation, naturally to be used with cautious considerations - nothing, of coarse, can compare with the real life encounter between two human beings!
As a guide to this self estimation, we will suggest following criteria on the sexual polar scale:
(Consider that masculine and feminine in this context is based on the basic male and female functions in animals, not to be confused with modern behavior of everyday life in men and women, as this is allready ruled by both poles in different mixture!)

Feminine quality -3: Restless and bored by traditional female activity, finds stronger inspiration outside of home and family.
Feminine quality -2: Obvious bored by traditional female activity, difficulty to adapt.
Feminine quality -1: Vanishing interest in home and family. Can adapt, but without inspiration.
Feminine quality 0 : A neutral attitude for own female quality with a relaxed ability to care for ones surrounding.
Feminine quality 1 : An active ability to care and create a cozy domestic atmosphere.
Feminine quality 2 : A big interest in and ability to take care of home and family. Long for the leadership from a strong partner.
Feminine quality 3 : Focused on home and family only. A great longing for kids and security. Leave all other decisions to a strong partner.

Masculine quality -3: Very uncomfortable making decisions, is totally dependent on other stronger persons. Would rather be invisible!
Masculine quality -2: Obvious uninspired of career and responsibility, leave decisions to others.
Masculine quality -1: Low motivation for career, Leave with pleasure important decisions to partner.
Masculine quality 0 : A neutral attitude for own male quality with good working skills and initiative.
Masculine quality 1 : An active ability to make a living and to make decisions for the future.
Masculine quality 2 : A big interest in working outside the home, clear ability for leadership and power of command.
Masculine quality 3 : Focused on career and work only, leave all domestic activity to partner but construction and investment.

These criteria are only guidelines and should not be taken as final measure of the spiritual state of development, as reality shows a broader perspective of several variables deciding the total feminine/masculine balance. There might in fact be trauma and inhibition that blocks some of these abilities, creating local imbalance, that answer well to therapeutic methods.
Another important criteria in this evaluation, that can't be shown in a scale, is the fact, that creative interests is carried by the opposite sexual pole. If you spend a lot of your time and find great inspiration in creative activity or intellectual/cultural interests, it's an obvious sign of maturity of the opposite pole.
Finally, sexual preference ,in most cases are indicating a measure of polar transformation. A traditional heterosexual orientation is habitant in the ordinary pole while bisexuality and homosexuality in most cases are evolved in the growing opposite pole, even if we do se many exceptions that might force a more immature imbalance in sexual identity. Do read more about this in "Livets Bog" 5, by Martinus.

Your personal home

Inspired by Leuners symboldrama - a psychotherapy method with the visualizing of symbols as a tool -we have chosen to present your profile in shape of a picture of a home with the different rooms symbolizing your personality with all different qualities and interests. Leuner describes the house or the home as an archetypal symbol for our personality where we can explore our inner self by visiting the different rooms. Here we get a visual tool, quickly to focus on those sides in our date that peeks our interest the most. By the option to lock certain rooms, we can decide to whom we will offer the key to more private areas like bedroom, basement and bathroom. This makes it possible, step by step to explore the contact and to get closer in the proper speed!
Choosing the picture to represent your home don't need to sample your actual living conditions, but is more a symbol of your dreams and longings. It's possible to change your picture at any time and to update text content as you grow.

It is our vision, that EKDODATE will help bringing Internet dating to a higher level, where the deeper complexity of personality will show and be appreciated! A serious relation should spring from life experience and human qualities of both parties as well as physical attraction and sexual charm. We are all unique, and if we can get a chance to show who we are and what we are longing for, we have the best possibility to find the one among all lovely human beings in the same situation!