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Begin dating now! and enjoy Ekodate for free

Ekodate's basic functionality is completely free. A very cheap no nonsense membership is available using Paypal. No monthly withdrawing from your account. You are in complete control of when you want to pay.

All prices are incl. VAT. As Ekodate is small we will use all net proceeds to advertise the site.
Feature Free Seed Leaf Flower
Price for - 10,- DKK 20,- DKK 30,- DKK
Write to members 1 new threads pr. day 10 new threads pr. day 50 new threads pr. day No limit.
Gallery items 2 10 50 100
Message content in email No No Yes Yes


Begin dating now! and find your soulmate

Ekodate is an alternative dating site that aims deeper and introduces
Sexual Polar Index and EkoMatch for real connections on all levels!